ES2 Excursions
ES2 Excursions is a truly inspiring and fascinating soundset, covering a broad sonic spectrum, ranging from sounds you will use daily to spectacular, complex creations to perform magic on special occasions. The sounds come as Logic channelstrips, which pushes the ES2's already fantastic sonic possibilities even further, because the whole arsenal of the internal Logic plug-ins has been used to create them. They are broken down into the categories Bass, Drums, Keys, Effects, Pads, Sequences and Synth. This set clearly makes third-party synths less of a priority and it shows off that there are really not a lot of sounds that can't be made with Logic's internal synths.
System Requirements :

Logic 7 Mac, a few channel-strips use Amp Designer and Pedalboard which have been introduced in Logic 9, some use Delay Designer and the new Compressor algorithms which have been introduced in Logic 8.
• Contains 100 high quality sounds as channelstrips which use the internal Logic plug-ins

• Sorted in categories

• Makes extensive use of the ES2 modulation routing possibilities

• And most important: These sounds will inspire you !
Synths: Heavy Grinder, Synthetic Rocker, Lead Activity, LoFier, Dirty ES2, Echo Faker 1, Echo Faker 2, Sine Pluck, Funky Roger, Black Rain, Clear Water, Cold Moog, Crazy Phaser, Filtratron, FM India, Old Romance, Pulsar, Quick Reso, Rise, Softie, Tangerine, The Worm, Weird Stranger, Instant Asia Pads: In the Monastery, Endless Wave, Mutated Voices, Space Choir, Ultravox, Apocalyptic Brass, Breather, Cloud Number 9, Darkness, Evil Pad, Far Out, Superpad, Titans, Wavetable Pad, Singing Glas Keys: Almost real!, E-Piano in Heaven, Tremolo E-Piano, Marimba, Phased E-Piano, Rough Organ, Released E-Piano, Soft Tube Organ, Hall Organ, Classic House Organ Sequences: ARPy 1, ARPy 2, Hypnotic Wave, Jumper, Action Scene, Power Werk, Robotic, Squary Sequence, Swing Sequence, Walk Sequence Basses: Aggro Bass, Crunchy Bass, Deep Bass, E-Bass, Ethno Bass, FM Bass, House Bass, Knarz Bass, Resosweep Bass, Worm Bass Drums: Bassdrum 1, Bassdrum 2, Bassdrum 3, Bassdrum 4, Bassdrum 5, Cabasa 1, Cabasa 2, Clap 1, Clap 2, Clap 3, Conga Echo, Cowbell with filtered Echo, Cowbell, Extreme Tom, Hihat 1, Hihat 2, Snaps, Hi Woodblock, Snare Analog 1 & 2, Snare Simmons, Snare Wood, Analog Cymbal, Voodoo Dance Effects: Ghost Movie, Random Drops, Sick Clown, Strange Sine, They are coming, Alien breathing, The Tribe